ECC-Alliance (logo) : Empowering Communities for Change Alliance

Empowering Communities for Change Alliance
is composed of the three French-speaking Swiss non-for profit organizations
active in the field of international cooperation.

FXB (logo)


FXB was founded in 1989.
FXB is based in Valais and has an office in Geneva. It is a member of Valais Solidaire and has the ECOSOC consultative status.
FXB focuses on:
⇒ economic strengthening of the communities in the supported villages,
⇒ improving nutrition, hygiene and health,
⇒ education and vocational training.

Nouvelle Planète (logo)

Nouvelle Planète

Nouvelle Planète was created in 1986.
Nouvelle Planète is based in Lausanne. It is a member of Fedevaco, Fribourg Solidaire, Valais Solidaire, FICD and the Swiss Council of Youth Activities.
Nouvelle Planète focuses on:
⇒ improving food, financial and land security of people living in rural areas,
⇒ the promotion of their rights,
⇒ the protection of the environment.

Secodev (logo)


Secodev was created in 1966 within Caritas Geneva.
Secodev is based in Geneva and is a founding member of the FGC.
Secodev focuses on:
⇒ food sovereignty of rural communities,
⇒ strengthening their capacities and autonomy,
⇒ education and vocational  training.

Our common goal

To support the efforts of marginalized populations to become agents of change and to live with dignity from their work, in a safe and healthy environment.

Our areas of intervention

  • Improving food, financial and land sovereignty.
  • Promoting quality education and access to knowledge.

  • Strengthening basic services in water, hygiene, sanitation and health.

  • Encouraging children, youth and adults to become agents  of change.

Our strengths

  • 120 years of accumulated experience.

  • Synergies, both in Switzerland and in our countries of intervention, to improve support for marginalized populations.

  • Common approaches to continuous improvement by benefiting from each other’s experiences (knowledge sharing).

  • The trust of many  public and private donors.

  • Joint actions to raise public awareness in Switzerland about the challenges of the sustainable development goals (SDG).

Our countries of intervention

Our network

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We meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

All three organizations are Zewo-certified.


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